The Beauty of Friendship

Friday, January 11, 2008

My friendship with Thess all started by leaving comments in each other's blog. I don't exactly remember when, but I think it's in 2005. We frequent each other's blog for updates with what's happening in our lives. Then we took a step higher by E, we would exchange E once in a while reaching about 16, like a pingpong ball. It's fun exchanging emails with her. We would talk about our being "pro"bloggers, talk about the opportunities we grab, share each other's discoveries about "pro"blogging, and even the companies that offer bloggers to earn. She is not at all selfish, in fact she would E me on what's the latest in "pro"blogging. Today we took another step, we both added each other in YM and we finally heard each other. I think we talked for a good one hour, if not more. Her voice is as melodious as her singing (she's posted a number of songs in her blog), she sounded sweet, happy and funny. I had a nice time with her today, and I really hope to meet her in person some day. She authors 3 blogs, a personal blog, photoblog and food blog.


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