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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My son does not like to play Flyff Philippines. He had a bad experience with one of the players who said something my son didn't even understand at first. One time he came to me asking what "ungas" meant. One of the players said that word to him after being killed accidentally. I don't understand why other players get annoyed when they are killed, gosh it's part of the game you know. So when I told my son that "ungas" means bastard or something, he really felt bad. For a few days he didn't play Flyff. He decided to download flyff US and now he's enjoying. He says it's totally different playing with the people there. He understands what everyone else is saying and the people playing in that version have more class. Whatever he means with that. I'm glad that he quit playing the Pinoy version, so he won't be able to pick up bad words.


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