Bibingka (Rice Cake)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Yay! The hubs drove all the way to Tomas Morato (about 20 minutes away from our house without traffic) just to have my bibingka (rice cake) fix at 9 in the evening. He seldom drives nowadays, well except when he goes biking, he does not have a choice since our driver brings the kids to school. Good thing he didn't get lazy that night, otherwise I would have driven myself which would be a big mistake since I just recuperated from flu. Actually I still had terrible cough and colds that night but minus the fever, so I declared myself well just to have that bibingka fix, haha. It tasted really good, different from all the rice cakes that I've tasted. If you want to have the original Ferino's bibingka, you should look for that signage, unless you want to buy from their franchise.


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