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Monday, November 02, 2009

I recently bought eyeglasses for my son Josh. It was time to part with his old one. Had I known that there are available $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses, I should have ordered one for him. Where else can you find an 8 dollar prescription glasses, tell me! Oh it's not too late yet, did I tell you that I also wear eyeglasses? Everyone else in the family wears one. I should ask my daughter Ish to check these Holiday Fun Eyeglasses, I'm sure she'll be able to pick one for herself. Oh I totally forgot she now wears contact lenses, but from time to time she still wears glasses. She once told me that she no longer wishes to wear eyeglasses, but I reminded her that she needs to rest her eyes once in a while. She has to take a look at these New Arrivals too. Who knows she might come back to wearing glasses permanently.


Anonymous,  11:12 AM  

Currently there are so many online optical stores to choose. I have

bought glasses/sunglasses from most of them. The greatest one is Highly recommended!

Anonymous,  11:16 AM  

Come on, no more Zenni please! There are so many online optical stores to choose from. I have bought from most of them and the nicest deal is definitely the one from You have my words on it.

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