The Wait is Over, well Almost!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sisters are arriving tomorrow from the USA. I am very excited. When my sisters decided to come home more than a month ago, my other sister jokingly made a bet. I took her seriously though in the first two weeks. Would you care to know what she wants to bet on? It's our weight. Apparently both of us have weight problems. We are overweight beyond our height and age. She came up with a solution, thus the bet. Who ever wins will be treated to Red Crab, the number 1 restaurant that serves crabs here in the Philippines. Ok so on with the bet. We were both good on the first two weeks, but gave up on the third week. I wonder if she ever thought of resorting to
supplements. I gave it some thought, but then again I have to do more readings on it. I need to talk to someone who's used it and probably consult my doctor first. Yeah this is the best thing to do before going into something, especially if it's health related.

*I don't think I'll win, I gained back the pounds I lost and there's no way I can lose, they are arriving tomorrow remember?


imelda 5:11 PM  

well postpone ur diet plan to next time sis coz ul be eating a lot more when ur sisters arrive

*MrsMartinez* 10:34 PM  

You can do it! I hope you win so you can eat crabs for free! xoxo

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