Miss Those Days

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I remember the days when I used to man our store/studio a few years back. I had all sorts of experiences. There were polite customers, there were also rowdy ones. I can never forget those scary ones. Scary in the sense that you'd get the feeling that they will harm you. You can't blame me for feeling that way, we were situated in a place where there were a lot of happenings. Anyway, I remember too that people kept coming back to buy Batteries. At the back of my mind, I was wondering what they were doing with the batteries. It turned out we were selling it cheap and they in turn sell it too. I wonder what would be the sales of Procell Batteries if ever we sold one. I heard that it is an excellent battery and it sells at a cheaper price. I'd probably get dozens of orders if that's the case. Too bad our store/studio closed. It broke my heart, but what can we do? It can't be self supporting at that time. I'd rather close it than get funds somewhere else, not a wise decision. Oh I miss those days. It kept me occupied and took away my boredom. Given the chance I would want to have a store again, but this time I'd be selling things that I love, yeah clothes.


Sandra Rose Hughes 9:47 PM  

It is so hard to close a business that you've put yourself into. You made a wise decision to stop when yo udid. Maybe things will get better some day, and you can start afresh.

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