How Much Do You Spend?

Friday, August 13, 2010

How many times do you do grocery shopping in a month? I do mine twice a month. I used to do it on a monthly basis but it seems like nothing lasts for a month nowadays. I remember my first years of raising a family, spending a certain amount in groceries would give me 8 bags full, but that certain amount now can only allow me to shop for a bag full. Prices have gone up. I refuse to look at the prices sometimes because if I do I will end up buying nothing. Do you guys memorize the prices of the usual stuff you are buying? Good thing the receipt printer gives a very clear printout of the stuff that I buy so more or less I have an idea of the prices and how much budget to set aside for grocery shopping. I wonder if your groceries eat a big chunk in your budget too?


jellybelly 10:38 AM  

i used to do it every other week. but i noticed i could save more money if i bought stuff just as i'm out of them instead of stocking groceries in case i run out. so now we buy as needed. sometimes everyday hahaha

HiPnCooLMoMMa 11:08 PM  

Soya lucky you the grocery is just a few feet away from where you're staying. i think i'd do the same if i was kapitbahay with the store =)

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