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Monday, October 04, 2010

I didn't like to leave the house after lunch today because the rain poured all of a sudden. You probably know by now that I don't like my feet getting wet. Anyway, when it stopped I put on my sneakers (just to be sure if it rains again) and left. The sun was again up, and at this point I was very happy. I went on to buy the stuff that I needed and when I was almost done, the rain started to fall. My oh my! I didn't have a choice but to walk under the rain. Never again will I do this! The smell was terrible, I almost fainted. I almost fainted too when I looked at my feet, there was mud all over, I even had it on my socks. I can imagine all the dirt and the bacteria getting into my skin. This will be the last time. If ever I'm caught in the rain again, I will have to wait for it to stop!


krisa 4:47 AM  

Sorry to hear that! What kind of smell was it?

HiPnCooLMoMMa 9:19 AM  

it was ewwwww, parang burak (putik na amoy bulok)

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