Going Organic

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been buying organic products lately. It started with me liking an organic hair color. You see I do root dye once a month and I just can't afford not using an organic one. I am just too scared that I'd wake up one day with my hair all gone. And since I am now into organic stuff, I see to it that most of what I use are all organic. But if it is something that I can't afford, of course I won't use it. Anyway let me tell you about Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. This is certified by the USDA, and their soaps are free of chelating agents, dyes, whiteners and synthetic fragrances. No wonder their products are always out of stock.

They have another product which I really like to have. Since I am fond of scented candles, I want one of their Paddywax. If only I can have all their scents then I would be very happy. Before I forget, let me share with you that these product is eco friendly meaning they are committed to conserving the planet's resources.

I want to try this much talk about Pre De Provence. It's a body care product from France. It's made from the purest botanical essences harvested in Provence. I wonder how effective their shea butter soap is. I want to let my son use it because he's got really sensitive skin.


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