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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big dogs, small dogs, it does not matter anymore. I see them around all dressed up. I say it's cute because it really is. They turn a lot of heads. I guess it all started when this movie about dogs getting dressed was shown. Sorry the title escapes me at the moment. It was in that movie where I saw unique dog collars. As a lot of people would term it as, to die for. I wonder if the dogs feel the same way, hehe. You'd really be surprised how dog lovers want to dress up their pets nowadays. There are different kinds of collars you see nowadays, from the traditional ones to pimped ones. I love collars pimped with gems in different colors. It gives the dog a certain character. Oh, I don't know if you are familiar with Martingale dog collars, I heard it's durable and comfortable. I need to get one for our shih tzu. This reminds me to bring my dog for grooming too. The grooming salon probably carries that brand. Diego, our GSD needs to have a new collar too. I wish they have one I like from these big dog collars. I want his collar pimped too. I think it's cute, a big dog with a collar that is filled with gems in different colors. Don't be deceived though, he is still tough as he can be.


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