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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Everyone's getting into the fitness world even my husband. Now I am worrying for the 2 kids, I don't think they like fitness at all. My boy has a weekend activity doing taekwondo, but my girl, ah she's just plain lazy. I keep telling her to start already since she's turning 20 this year. She needs to incorporate it to her life. Anyway, what I am happy about is that the husband has finally decided to enrol in the gym. He needs it real bad I think. I won't be surprised when one day he'll come home telling me, I decided to join yoga. I think this will be good for him since he has been complaining of back pains. Now I have to look into yoga outfits like everythingyoga yoga pants men for him. I know nothing about what men wear, or are they even particular on what they wear? Buying fitness clothes for him is an excuse to get myself too!!! Win-Win situation, right? Weeee!


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