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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bwwwaaaahhhh...finally had my day off after working (opener and closer) in the studio for seven straight employee finally reported for work after getting sick (?)for a week???? i had to take her place...but i enjoyed every minute of it though...seeing all the pictures of my customers...hahaha (we have a one hour photodeveloping shop)...feel like im being nosy here...

so today i didnt go to work...feels really good waking up at 11 in the morning...oh i miss mom asked me to canvass a mechanical bed (sort of a hospital bed) for my dad who has been sick for 13 years now(too much complications so i don't know really...he is a candidate for heart bypass, he is supposed to be dialized(?)...dialysis thingy...he has a very low hemoglobin count...but the thing is we couldn't do anything about it, at this point, its too much for my dad to undergo all these...the family feels (even his doctors)that it will just quicken his death if he has to undergo all God's grace, he is still with us)...while on my way to Rizal Ave. (it's where you can find a nice rate for all the hospital and dental equipments) i saw this cigarette vendor on the street picking her nose...i turned to Nelson...did you see that? Nelson happens to buy from them whenever he runs out of cigarettes(im guilty of that too, sometimes)...oh geez, it was really in...eewww....yuck!!!can you just imagine her handing the cigarette to you...could have taken a picture of her with my cellphone...but i was taken aback...its only now that i realized shit like those lesson number one...dont ever ever buy from them.

i ended up my day with a body slimming massage...yes i had it!!!i've stubborn fats here and there and im sick and tired of i thought maybe this slimming massage thing would work for an instant...hehehe...the girl who did it was really was very soothing...except that she twisted my arm...ouch...i'll have another session next week since i really dont need to go for their 3x a week slimming sessions...there's not much fat to burn...hahaha...what a day...really...felt like a queen!!!


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