"But I Got Here First"

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I have trained my kids to be a little independent...and part of this is falling in line and paying for their food...this little incident happened at Starbucks...my son was already next in line when this girl (about in her early 30's maybe) so confidently walks into starbucks, ignoring the queue...and started to order...i was a little irritated and gave her a blank stare...(which means hey can't you see there's a queue?) ignoring my stare, she goes like "excuse me"...but my son won't move...by this time i was really super duper irritated...so in an angry tone, i asked by son to give way...and these were his exact words...*with arms folded* (he was angry too) "But i got here first"...the girl so ashamed of herself (she was dumbfounded) apologized and was in a hurry to leave...(and at the back of my mind...beh...you think you can get away with that???)

he still enjoyed his fave drink despite what happened  Posted by Hello

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this is the nice thing about kids...they don't get bothered afterwards about things that has just happened...all they think about is play...play...play

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