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Friday, August 20, 2004

The kids didn't have a driver today...Nelson had to borrow him for his wedding coverage...that means i will be their driver...stay at school the rest of the day, as the parking gets difficult (parking lot can't accommodate all the cars)...sshhhh, just between us, i'm not good at parking especially if its our VAN im i had to be there early, so i could do parralel parking without any sweat at all...hahaha...

Here's a glimpse of the campus Posted by Hello

you call that campus???hehe...oh i stand corrected...part of the campus i mean...ok? looks so peaceful when classes are ongoing...but towards lunchtime, this is how crowded and busy it could get at the gate

The Nannies and the Moms in waiting Posted by Hello

SSshhh...just between us kids are not allowed to have lunch outside the campus anymore...but!!!

Josh and his Yaya Lina (nanny) Posted by Hello

Wisi and her Yaya Elma  Posted by Hello

The secret? well we park the car almost in front of the gate so they could just hop in unnoticed...well even if the guard sees them, it's as if he didnt...we're friends with the guards you know...ssshhhh... ;-) and the van turns into an instant dining area for my kids as well as changing gets a little hot, so they change uniforms...

Josh enjoying his lunch, rice by the box  Posted by Hello


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