Dance Revolution

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I have to lose my unwanted fats in 30 days...yes 30 i dont need to have a gown made...I was asked to be one of the principal sponsors in the wedding of Bona and Mike (Bona being the youngest sister of one of my closest friends Angie)

I have to double time on my workout, especially the abs my...i dont know, ive been doing sit ups but nothing is happening...i am still bloated...huhuhu...i have this abdoer at home so i thought this would help...but i forgot how to go about it...i had to watch the vhs...too bad, i didnt know that our vhs player wasnt working (the tape got stuck)...geez i have to bring it to the service center...anyways, i tried surfing the net for some instructions, but this is what i found out instead...that all these machines doesnt help you in burning the unwanted fats...oh...really? only helps strengthen/build up the no's only thru cardio/aerobic exercises, and you have to do it the moment you wake up in the morning (without any food intake) so that you'd be burning the i thought of doing the dance dance revolution, instead of going to the gym.


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