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Thursday, September 09, 2004

I usually leave the house for work between 11:00am-12:00nn to avoid traffic...it usually takes me around 20-30 mins to get to work...but today...oh boy, traffic was really terrible...i really hate traffic...i drive on manual transmission...and my legs are starting to ache...i was slowly getting into a bad mood...when this song started playing on my radio....

Drowning In Your Eyes

Feel the ground it's slipping away
Like a sigh that greets the close of day
Feel the water's welcoming arms
Embrace me in their quiet ckarma
I can't hear what you say anymore
Just the sound of trees on the ocean floor
Irresistibly drawn from the shore
I'm drowning in your eyes
I'm floating out to sea
Helpless on the restless tide
That flows between you and me
Moving slowly as if in a dream
The colours change from blue to green
All around me reflections of you
In forests deep I'm passing through
In the swell of the storm we're as one
We're dancing in the morning sun
Could it be that we've only just begun
Lying here beside you
I try to reach you but you're so far...

Well im not telling why the big smile on my face...*winks*...hhmmm...


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