Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh my gosh!!! I can't stand her any longer...i've been putting up with her for the past years now...the reason? it's just plain pity...she doesn't have friends, or should i say she has "square" friends... i've accepted her as "square" as she is, and little by little introduced her to the "world" of being hip and cool. I can now say that she has completely transformed (i'm glad)

But the thing is, i can't put up with her now...she lives a life full of lies...she pretends to be what she is not...I really do not know why she has resort to those kinds of things when in fact i've accepted her, her flaws included.

Now she is trying to catch up with me...she even finds me a competetion, which i am not, and that pisses me off. She pretends to know everything...Example: when i tell her some things, she tells me right away that she has heard of it a couple of weeks can that be when sometimes the things i tell her happened only yesterday...Now you know what I mean. And worst of all, she has a ready answer to all her lies, fabricating stories included...she is really sooooo used to it...

I just hope one day, i can find the right time to correct her...or SHOULD I???


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