Young As He Is

Friday, October 22, 2004

I usually get to talk to my kids during dinner know the usual how's school...what score did you get in your seatworks and quizzes...stuffs like that...and they get to tell me stories...and sometimes report on each other's activities...

my daughter has been friends with this kid since they were in 2nd grade...they got really close...they'd spend summer in each other's home...until 5th daughter now has a different set of friends, and she seems to be enjoying their company (lucky me, i know all of her friends)...little by little she and the kid drifted daughter says its not her fault...she can't seem to talk with this kid anymore and worst they seldom see each other (although their classroom is adjacent to each other)...and whenever they see each other, it's not the usual anymore...they tend to put meaning (negative) to each and every word uttered (maybe without them intending to)...anyways, my daughter told me about their recent encounter...i thought my boy wasn't listening to our usual girl talk...when all of a sudden these words came out of his mouth..."HEY ATCH (atchi meaning Ate/older sister) LIFE CHANGES AS WE GROW OLDER, YOU KNOW!!!" Amused, Nelson and I looked at each other...maybe because we didn't expect those words coming from an 8 year old kid...


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