The Wedding

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"It's late at night, and as I sit at my desk, the house is silent except fo the ticking of the grandfather clock. You're asleep upstairs, and though I long for the warmth of your body against my own, something compels me to write this letter, even though I'm not exactly sure where to begin. Nor I realize, do I know exactly what to say, but I can't escape the conclusion that after all these years, it's something I must do, not only for you, but for myself as well. It's the least I can do.

Has it really been that long? Though I know it has, the very thought is amazing to me. Some things, after all, have never changed...Sometimes when you're dreaming, I'll move closer to you in the hope that somehow this will allow me to enter your dreams. That, after all, is how I've always felt about you. Throughout our marriage, you've been my dream, and I'll never forget how lucky I've felt ever since the first day...

I've often think back on that day. It's an image that has never left me, and I find myself experiencing a sense of deja vu...In those moments, it seems as if we're starting over once more, and I can feel the hammering of my young man's heart, a man who'd suddenly glimpsed his future and could'nt imagine a life without you.

I experience this same sensation with nearly every memory I can summon...simple things...I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are there, in everything I am, in everything I've ever done, and looking back, I know that I should have told you how much you've always meant to me.

I'm sorry for that, just as I'm sorry for all the ways I've let you down. I wish i could undo the past, but we both know that's impossible...

I once made a vow to you, and as your husband, it's time i finally made another: From this point on, I will become the man I always should have been. I'll become a more romantic husband, and make the most of the years we have left together. And in each precious moment, my hope is that I'll do or say something that lets you know that I could never have cherished another as much as I've always cherished you."

A very touching letter indeed...will i be able to receive one?


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