Not A Bad Day After All

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I started early today to pay our taxes and renew our business permit...yes it's the time of the year...and it sucks!!! Went to the barangay to get a clearance but was asked to come back for it late afternoon...grrrrr...well i can't do anything about i decided to pay taxes so as not to waste my time...geeezzz, these people from City Hall really suck!...just imagine i was there at 10:30 in the morning and got my assessment at 6 pm? why are they giving the taxpayers a hard time? to think that they get their salaries from us? F*@%ing S%@t really...

On the brighter side, SM Manila was just across City i had my share of shopping...YES!...was able to buy a denim skirt which i really liked...actually i bought 2 denim skirts for myself...but when i got home and my daughter saw it, she wanted to have both...poor me...but i only gave her 1...hehe...but promised her that i'm gonna get her another one when i go back on thursday...yup, Patricia is just half size smaller than me...

Another bright side...Nelson liked the beef sukiyaki i made...before i left home, i prepared the soup stock and continued cooking when i got home...even the kids liked it (or is it because i was the one who cooked? and they don't have any other choice but to like it?)...but i'm happy really that i get appreciated...

While i was checking on my comment section of my blog, i heard someone say...hey mom, you look like belong to the future in that pic...referring to my pic with my huge camera...and looking at you now, you seem to belong to pre-historic age...arrgghhh...stone age eh! but whatever he meant by that, id like to believe that i look like Eve...hehe...and yes that was my son JOSH!


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