The Soap

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I remember Mom's story about this soap...during the war Mom and my Aunt(Ate Marie's Mom) would stock loads and loads of you know why we are's in the blood...haha

Maja, with its classic fragrance of rose, jasmine and other flowers is unchanged after 100 years -- it even contains some olive oil as did classic castile soaps of hundreds of years ago...created an elegant red and black wrapping for the smaller cakes of Maja soap that shows a beautiful seƱorita (or maja) coquettishly fanning herself. The large cakes are covered by pleated black paper that is now shaped by machine. Any room in which you place this 100% pure bar of soap will be filled with a mysterious fragrance. And when you use this refreshing bar, you will feel so refreshed and special.

I'm just so happy that I found this soap in the shelves of Mercury there's no need for my Mom to order in the sister usually orders online whenever Mom runs out of it...i used to use them too when i was still at my mom's house until the time you can't find it in the just so glad now that it's available here once again...


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