I am sooo looking forward to Mondays

Monday, March 21, 2005

I wish it was Monday all the time...know why? i get to play badminton with the pinoybadminton peeps...it gets exciting all the time really...but tonight? not quite...i was always paired with this newbie...i know, i know...i shouldn't be complaining at all, we all started from being that, but still...

Before i joined this group, i asked my friend how the people play there, and i asked her how i faired...and she told me that i could get by...so i tried playing with them...i'm being a hypocrite here if i say that i enjoyed todays game...I DID NOT...good thing my last game was super ok, at least i didn't get to go home disappointed...

Please don't get me wrong here, i'm just letting out my disappointment...you know how i always look forward to Mondays...


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