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Thursday, March 17, 2005

We all gave Omega, our german rottweiler "moral support" as Nelson decided to bring him to a "dog school" and have him evaluated for possible training...

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he's getting ready for his baptism of fire

It's just so scary watching all those dogs with their attack stunts...at first we all stayed in the van and just watched from a distance...you can't blame us, it's our first time to witness such thing, you know...but after watching 5 dogs do their thing, we were kinda relaxed already...it's fun after all.

With regards to Omega, he has to have his obedience training first, and that means he'll be away from us for about 2 months and go to a "boarding school", afterwhich he can be trained as an attack dog...i wonder if Nelson will allow him to be away for 2 months...we'll see...

I'm so sorry to have missed Cuz's invitation to have coffee with them...had they called earlier, i could have arranged everything...next time Cuz!


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