Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Finally had lunch with one of my college bestfriends Angie at Greenbelt 3...we were joined by Cuz whom she met for the first time...they hit it off instantly like they've known each other from way back...

I seldom see her, not as often as we used to, when she was still staying in Quezon City...she has moved to Las Pinas which is quite far from where we live...we don't get to talk much, or even text each other regularly, but we have maintained that special bond and we both know from the bottom of our hearts that we will be friends forever no matter what...

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Photo taken in Dec. 2004...forgot to take pictures as we were so engrossed not much with the food, but with all our stories...hope to have more lunches and dinners with you FRIEND...

Got tagged by Mahd:

1. Total number of books i've owned: i've stopped counting
2. The last book i bought: For myself, its Angels and Demons
3. The last book i read: The Five People You Meet In Heaven
4. 5 books that mean a lot to me: Bible, i draw strength from it...The Secret of the Old Clock, the first Nancy Drew book i read back in 1st Grade...Thinking of You, Sweet Dreams No. 15, 1st teen-romance book i read...If Tomorrow Comes, by Sidney Sheldon, this book got me reading til the wee hours of the morning...Madison Finn Series...i read every book that my daughter buys, to keep me updated with what's going on in a teenage girl's life...
5. Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their blogs



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