Sleeping "24 hours" almost

Saturday, June 11, 2005

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I slept quite early the previous night coz i felt the whole world spinning around me...but had to wake up at 8 the following day for a 9 am appointment....on our way, i found myself dozing off again, waking up upon reaching our destination...same thing happened on our way to the restaurant to eat...the same thing happened on our way home...upon reaching home. i couldn't resist the calling of the comfy bed and dozed off again, waking up at 4 pm for a 5 pm appointment this time...i could have dozed off again in the comforts of Marie France's room, but the EDM was too bothersome, i felt that i was being butchered for some reasons...went home, had my dinner, didn't have any plans of sleeping yet, but then dozed off...woke up the next morning feeling REFRESHED! Wee! i can afford to sleep late again, i'm fully RECHARGED!


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