I Have To Get Used To People

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Today was one of Makro's Store Tour Dog Show...This is the demo i was talking about...I knew right away that my dog won't be giving her usual A performance, coz the moment she set foot at Makro, she wanted to go back to the car, i had to drag her to the area where the dog show was to be held. True enough, she didn't give her best...she was intimidated and distracted by the crowd...it showed in her tail...she was stressed out...Forgiven, since it's her first time...

The other handlers advised us to always bring her out so she'll get used to crowds...i remember that afternoon we got her from the farm in Tagaytay...she was one happy dog, but when we reached the house, she became quiet and timid...she is not used by all the hustle and bustle of city life...

Then we decided to have her trained...she showed improvements on each training day (she's on her 8th already)...starting with bite works...we are just waiting for all her "milk" teeth to fall off, then we proceed to reverse...actually i don't have any idea yet what this reverse is all about...

Anyways, we followed the advise of some handlers...Yay! we went to Shangri-la Mall after the demo and had dinner there...Yipey! i have every reason to go out all the time, i just have to bring my dog so it won't be obvious that i just want to go window shopping... WHAT A LAME EXCUSE ONCE AGAIN!


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