Boxing For Fitness

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Boxing training will make you physically stronger and aerobically fitter. The challenge of learning new skills (skipping rope, speedball work etc) in a unique, exciting and safe atmosphere, builds confidence. Boxing training provides one of the most demanding full body workouts of any sport. Boxing will increase muscle tone, lower body fat, improve reflexes and upper body strength. You can work at your own pace and achieve your personal Goals.

A friend (owner of a boxing gym) has been convincing me and Nelson to go into boxing for some time now...after giving it much thought, i said why not? so i sent an SMS to Cuz , inviting her if she'd like to join me...the first question she asked was, is it tiring? I told her that she can work at her own pace... she didn't need much convincing...yay! we're gonna try it out on Tuesday, since Thursdays and Saturdays are reserved for belly dancing. Yes, were not giving up has it's own benefits you know...


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