It's Definitely PMS

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yep...i have the symptoms:

Trouble sleeping - it did me good as I have been working on the reviewers of my kids for their 1st grading exams next week. *yay*

Bloating - my tummy is bloated...i didn't get to wear my super low yoga pants today for my belly dancing class *sigh*

food cravings - eat... im like a gnawing rabbit *yikes*

tension - coupled with stress *bad*

irritability - i easily get irritated even with the littlest thing *hmp*

mood swings - lots and lots of it...good thing everybody's got room for it *claps*

crying spells - Cuz read this *hehe*

depression - it's like everything is depressing...i dunno *sheesh*

i don't like the feeling...and it's still a week of agony! *oh no*


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