Weekend At Edsa Shangri-la

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The family is always looking forward to this kind of treat especially the kids...wrong timing it may seem coz there's still their english exams on Monday, but just the same they still had their share of fun...

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My darling boy's famous pose

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this is part of the deal...they can go swimming but have to answer the remaining reviewers i made *my, my, what a strict mom i can be*

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what a way to relax...i too can spend the whole afternoon staying by the poolside

in the evening, we left the kids with their yayas (nannies)...thinking that we were to go clubbing or at least just a "one for the road" as agreed...but we ended up watching "Bewitched" instead...which is fine by me, coz he promised that we're gonna do it after the movie...but hello, we passed by the Shangri-la Mall which had it's weekend treat, a band playing...he just passed by it, no plans of staying...i go...oh ok, hoping that we will still have it over at the Lobby Lounge or somewhere in the hotel...went to the hotel to check on the place, and he goes...i don't like it here...arrrghh...so there goes the clubbing or the one for the road i was sooo looking forward to...geez, this is the thing i really hate the most about him...he doesn't usually fulfill his promises and even though how much i call his attention, he really doesn't learn...how else should i communicate...TELL ME!


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