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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I don't want anything to do with this lady...this is what i had in mind the first time i met...

it's been a hi hello sort of thing whenever we see each other...even with that, i still hear a lot of bad things coming from her about me/us. see? who wouldn't want to stay away from her?

a couple of months back, we had the chance to reach out to each other, and i just did that...why? i don't know really, maybe because there's still some "good" left in me? first month was goody-goody, coz we were establishing communication...i on my part was really sincere, trying to forget whatever notions i had about her, i was more than willing to give it a shot...

BUT, i was all wrong. She hasn't changed after all! Instead of her being happy with whatever accomplishments we have, all she can think OF is JEALOUSY! Everything she learns about us, she uses it against us for her own glory. Is that being fair? Now i'm cutting all communications with her...Let her find it the hard way!

To you: live a life ok? Soak in your own misery! You can tell tales without malice right? But that's how you are! That's why you are miserable! And I really pity you!
tsk, tsk...


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