Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yehey! Wahoo! Yipee! Yes i'm one happy Momma...

Gerbie, my new baby can now go up and down the stairs...i don't need to carry him! Actually he didn't have a hard time learning to go up, but going down is really an agony for him...if only you could see his face, you'd have no second thoughts of picking him up and bringing him down. But no, he has to learn! I'll be teaching him the basics of obedience (french commands, duh). I dunno if i can do it, but i'll try.


My problem with yahoo messenger is gone! yes i don't get kicked out anymore everytime i close a dialogue box. I downloaded the upgrade for voice even though i have it's beta version, waaaaahhhhh, i'm one lucky Momma, no need to sign in again and again!


Our belly dancing teacher said that WE'VE IMPROVED! At least all the hard work didn't go down the drain. I'm more inspired to dance now! Hmmmm....which reminds me...i gotta go! Tata for now, need to practice the moves i wasn't able to execute well!


I got a postcard from blogger turned friend Herda. Thank you so much. It's a different kind of joy getting snailmail from you!


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