I Miss Bloghopping

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More than anything else, it's the bloghopping that i missed so much...yeah, call me nosey, like i care =) but really! It's like i'm not complete without it. Even if i was online practically 24/7, i just couldn't find myself diverting from work. Work that i wasn't able to finish....arrrghhhh!!! Pfffft goes my $$$, i'm not gonna receive anything for this month. Blame it to a lot of sign ups (consumed 3/4 of my time) plus the fact that i had been working (photography) on weekends and again with the never ending trips to home depots on weekdays.


When my lil boy wants something, he goes to me and shows me his test papers, and he goes: Mom, are you happy with the results? And i know what's next =) This is his new style in case he wants me to buy something for him. Cute isn't it? When he was younger, he used to plant kisses on me when he wants something. So i guess he's just embarrassed doing it now that he is older so he finds a new way!


Nelson and I have been considering getting a trainor (shooting) for Trisha. She is really interested, and while she's at it, i think this is the best time to have her trained. So boys....beware...she can be a sharp shooter, OK?


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