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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Went to my kids' school today to watch the Singing Contest in Chinese. Both of them joined. As a proud and eager Mom, i went to take pictures. Then somebody held me by the arm (a bit tight) and pushed me a little, pointing to a spot where I should stay. Fine, I followed her so as not to create a scene. But right after the turn of my daughter's class, i went up straight to her.

Me: Next time, you can say it in a nice way without holding my arm and pushing me.
Her: No, no, you misunderstand, you cannot take picture there.
Me: I don't think so, I saw some parents earlier taking pictures there, so i just followed suit.
Her: (patting my shoulders) Oh sorry, sorry you misunderstand.
Me: You see that Mother taking pictures? You go do the same!

Just maybe, she thought I was a Nanny. I was in Jeans, Tee and flipflops (read:havaianas or rubber slippers to her) and it was a bad hair day (read: ponytail). But nevertheless, she shouldn't be doing that. I have been hearing a lot about that Elementary Chinese Supervisor. She is a MEAN FREAK! She TERRORIZES the students. She thinks she gains respect with what she is doing. I for one was a witness to that. She goes to the students, scold them (with her big round black eye-lined eyes) as if she's gonna eat them. But right after she turns her back, the students make faces, laugh at her and God knows what else. By the way, she is referred to a BLACK EYED SUSAN! I am planning to write the school's admin about it. If she was able to do that to me, what more to the students who are way way younger than me and helpless. Anyways...

Isha's class won 2nd Place (Grade Six Level)

Josh's Class won 1st Place (Grade Four Level)


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