Happy Once More

Monday, November 21, 2005

We already got the report cards of the kids...and once again they did well. Josh was in the honor roll for english and chinese...Isha had impressive grades too but didn't make it to the honor roll this grading...Study harder Ish, i know you can make it =)


We watched Harry Potter last Saturday...once again Josh was up with his usual uncollected remarks..."Hey Mom, I can tell that this girl (one who collects tickets at the entrance) wears fake skin." Yes, he said it in front of the girl...good thing she just laughed it off. Fake skin to him is stockings...nope he isn't familiar with stockings (black) coz nobody uses it at home...


Went to Divisoria today to buy some stuffs for Christmas...the kids gave me a long list of names...Geez, there were a lot of people this early huh (or am i already late in buying christmas gifts?) This is usually the place i go to when i buy stuffs for birthday giveaways, christmas gifts for kids, etc. They have a wide variety of selections. This time i bought cute hardbound magnetic notebooks, at a very reasonable price...


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