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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Soooo much to do, but soooo little time...yes i've been very busy the past days to the point of neglecting my blog. I've been working on the signature guest book ( a freebie) of our clients, so far i've done two already for the past three days, sleeping at the wee hours of the morning. Nope, dilly dally is not it, it's just that our two weddings coming up have couples based in France and the USA, so they had their pre-nuptial shoot a couple of days back.


I'm not done with Christmas shopping, presents for the adults that is. I'm done with the kids, thank God. I wonder if i'll have the time to do it since December is really a busy month for us. June used to be the marrying month right? but not anymore, for the past 6 years or so that we have been in the wedding biz, December it is.


I've been hitting the road for the past 17 years, and would you believe i haven't driven the whole stretch of North Diversion, not until Friday of last week. Funny how i was able to drive in the States (Maryland to Philidelphia) and not drive either NLEX or the South Super Highway. Anyhoo, i was able to drive the whole stretch on NLEX in a little over an hour at a constant speed of 110 kph, could have been an hour or less, but half of the viaduct allows 1 lane only...darn!


For those of you wondering where Cuz is, she is alive and kicking. It's just that Kuya Rey (husband) was hospitalized for 6 days for severe cough (asthma maybe?) and had his general check-up too. Now her puter has gone kaput...bad timing huh! So i guess that's about it...sorry for the marathon entry...


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