Disappointing...Big Time

Monday, January 09, 2006

Went to True Value Shangri-La Mall today to buy the paints for the exterior of the house...got the biggest disappointment when they told me that they didn't have the yellow colorant and that their stocks would come in in February...oh really...s#@t! They were able to provide 3 gallons out of the 9 or so gallons that I needed. They called their Rockwell Branch to find out if they still have the colorant and to my dismay, that branch didn't have it too. But despite that, i still went to their Rockwell Branch to find out for myself...indeed they had none. But the manager of the store was kind enough to assist me...he called their Alabang Branch, and voila, they still have it. I was asked to come back tomorrow but was not assured though if the colorant would be able to prepare all the remaining 9 gallons that i needed. *keeps fingers crossed* I nearly cried...I don't want to change my dream color just because some hardwares didn't have the color i wanted...I left True Value with a heavy heart...*sigh*


I don't understand why some f@#k%^g a@s$%#e need to badmouth somebody just to be able to market themselves...tsk...tsk...let's wait and see if this dirty trick works...We'll have the last HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Car Conversation

N: Lion, when are you free? (N fondly calls Isha LION)

Ish: Weekends...why?

N: We'll go shopping...I'll buy you some clothes...

Ish: (interrupts N)OH SURE! (she said it with a lot of excitement)

N: I'm gonna buy you a lacey dress with puffed sleeves, a bobby socks or a knee high cotton socks, black and white shoes not the wedgy ones...

Ish: (interrupts N again) Thanks, but NO THANKS...

N: I'm gonna buy all the books you want, provided you wear the type of clothes I want

Ish: Thanks, but NO THANKS...I'm gonna buy all the books I want...

***This conversation came up coz MIL called one time to tell N that we are not dressing up Ish the way a 12 year old girl should dress up...tell me...do you still see 12 year old kiddos wearing those that N mentioned?***


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