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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Since GMA 7 aired Jewel in the Palace, N never missed watching it. Even if he's in the middle of work, he has to stand up and leave whatever he is doing just to watch. Seeing this, and out of curiosity, I started watching too...and has been hooked since then...And I'm planning to buy the whole series in's really beautiful =) Here's the synopsis...incomplete though...heh

Jewel In The Palace

Jang-geum (played by Lee Young-ae) is the daughter of Seo Cheon-su (played by Park
Chan-hwan), a former judicial officer-turned butcher (the lowest social class) who lives in hiding after being expelled from the royal palace, and Madame Park (played by Kim Hye-seon), a former court lady working in the royal kitchen who narrowly escaped death following a murderous conspiracy planned by Court Lady Choi. As a young child, Jang-geum loses both parents and enters the royal palace in the kitchen. In the royal kitchen, she spends a harsh childhood in continuous competition with Choi Geum-yeong (played by Hong Li-na). Under the protection and tutelage of Court Lady Han, Jang-geum makes every effort to become the best cook in the palace.

***Paint Update: Yes! I was able to buy all the remaining gallons of SUNSHINE!!!


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