DIY Painting

Thursday, January 26, 2006

if you need somebody to paint your house, please contact me =)

I dunno if this has been a tradition in the family. But I remember my sisters doing the fence over at my parents' house some 25 years ago, I remember doing this too in this house where we are staying right now, and I'm doing it again, and will be doing it again and again. I just find joy in doing it!


Today is my 16th visit to Starbucks to claim my second planner...I just don't understand why they keep giving me a hard time. I've completed the required number of stickers on the 23rd of December, and it has been more than a month already and still no planner? I've gone as far as the south(SLEX) just to claim it...I am PISSED off and thinking of not going to their store anymore. Forget about having client calls at their store, forget about meeting friends over a cup of coffee at their store, forget about spending time with the family at their store, in other words erase STARBUCKS totally in my vocabulary PERIOD!


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