Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kids finally had their investiture in scouting. Since they joined Scouting this year, this has been their most awaited moment, that is wearing the type A uniform, lol. Kidding aside, it's really a big deal for them, now they feel that they are indeed scouts. Josh even didn't like to take off his uniform and still wanted to wear it the next day =)

Isha had to borrow her type A uniform from a schoolmate, coz she didn't like to buy anymore since she doesn't have any plans of wearing it in high school. She loves the scout uniform worn by high school students. Josh on the other hand had no choice but to wear a long shorts. We didn't have the time to have it repaired since it was given on Friday only. That's usually our problem with Josh, because he is heavy (read:fat) for his age, we can't find just the right shorts/shirts for him, everything is usually long =)


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