What is a Good Marriage?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Today I was asked by my MIL to look after my FIL who is currently confined at St. Luke's Medical Center. Before leaving the house, I grabbed this book (The Little Book of Big Questions) from the shelf, so i'll have something to do.

And here's one big question I came across...WHAT IS A GOOD MARRIAGE?

Married couples know they've met their soul mate in marriage if...

- one is absolutely right on an issue and then lets the matter drop. *We've come to a point when even if we know that one of us is right on a certain issue, we don't rub it in. The important thing is how to resolve the issue.

- they still laugh at each other's jokes. *Even when we are already settled in bed, the moment we remember each other's joke, we still end up laughing, sometimes to the point of getting stomach ache.

- they'd rather spend Saturday afternoons together than apart. *Oh this part I still have to work on.

- they show each other the common courtesies offered to complete strangers. *People have this tendency to be uberly familiar with each other thru the years that they've been together and forgeting about respect. I am happy that we are not one of them.

- they can argue until they're blue in the face and still eat pizza together before bedtime. *This I've learned from N, I used to be really proud.

- they feel free to point out each other's faults and help each other improve. *With us, it's a matter of how we say things, but never let the faults pass.

- they can sense when something's bothering the other without a spoken word. *We are already familiar with each other's actions...action speaks louder than words.

- they can talk about any topic without the other leaving the room. *Well you can always pretend to be listening...lol...but kidding aside, respect to each other comes in here...it's one of the common courtesies being offered to strangers, right?

- one is always willing to give up something for the other - and the other won't allow it. *We don't think of ourselves anymore.

- they not only look forward to staying young together but look forward to growing old together. *Growing old together is always part of our conversation.

**Wow this is great...the one thing I have to work on doesn't really weigh that much, maybe because we are practically together 24/7.**


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