Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been helping varnish some of our furnitures and I've already finished my shoe's DIY time for us and it's really fulfilling...but seems like some people are not happy about it, I dunno or maybe they are just plain NOSY! One time, some id**t came to my helper asking...

I: anong ginagawa nyo dyan? (what are you doing there?)
H: nagbabarnis ho (applying varnish)
I: pati amo mo? (even your employer?)
H: oo (yes)
I: e bakit pa sila nagbabarnis, e ang yaman nila (why are they doing it, they're rich)
H: kaya nga sila mayaman eh, kasi kung kaya nila, ginagawa nila, di na sila kumukuha ng tao (that's the reason why they are rich, they don't hire people if they think they can do it themselves)**rolls eyes*

Then it happens again, this time with N...

I: bakit kelangan kayo pa ang nagbabarnis, e ang yaman nyo? (why do you need to do the varnishing, you're rich?)
N: Hangaan nyo ako, mayaman na nagtatrabaho pa ng mga ganung bagay (you people should admire me, I'm rich and yet I'm still doing those things) **rolls eyes non-stop**
I: dumbfounded... **walks away**

Even if you don't want to answer them that way, you do so because of uncollected comments...I wonder why they CAN'T just mind their own business...good thing they didn't come up to me, otherwise it would have been a different story. That's the reason why I don't look at them eye to eye, and staying out of their way, I might say something that I might regret later coz those are just some of the instances, and there's a lot more. You PEOPLE! Get a life okie? That's what you get for staying on the streets the whole something worthwhile and not just talk about people's lives behind their backs...


Can you imagine at midnight my son Josh craves for chips and soda? Since I don't keep chips at home (remember we are putting him on a diet), N was forced to go to a nearby sari-sari store (convenient store) to satisfy the cravings of his's picnic time! The next night, he wanted again to have a picnic, this time Pizza. Nope we didn't go out in the middle of the night, we just ordered using the telephone, and in 30 minutes it's picnic time once again...aaaahhhh THIS IS LIFE! I wonder what's next...with this thing going on, he's gonna get back the unwanted 5 lbs. he lost =(


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