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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For now it's Isha who is enjoying Josh's new notebook, a Dell Inspiron B130. I asked my sister from the US to buy it for him as they were having a sale there and we got a pretty good deal for it, with an upgrade in memory (512 mb) and wireless capability. As i've mentioned in my past entry, this is the incentive we gave him if he submits himself for circumcission, which he did last Wednesday.

Josh is pretty much preoccupied playing Kingdom Hearts 2 for now, and he's not at all excited about his new "toy". The first thing he asked me when I got back from the airport to fetch my eldest sister Debbie was "Mom, did Ninang Debbie buy Kingdom Hearts 2 for me?" Oh...such a kid at heart still...

This is another reason why he keeps ignoring his new "toy"... They've been waiting to have this movie, and it's always out of stock in the US. Good thing my sister was able to buy it a day before she left for the Philippines.

And this is my reason for not updating my blog...bleh *sticks out tongue* I'm soooo hooked to it, I've already finished playing Sims Bustin' Out in Gameboy SP and I'm just as determined to finish Sims 2 in PSP...hehe...and ohhhh, the kid in me...YES!

Thank you very my Atchi Deb for getting all these stuffs for us, especially my "tutubi" (dragonfly) oversized sunglasses, and the pretty espadrilles, plus the other stuffs that you gave us. It's not only us who's happy, she must be happy too, coz she got what she ordered from my sis...come on Cuz, update your blog, i'm sure you are happy about your "vanity mirror with light."

Shoutout to my other sister Atchi Rass, thanks so much for the "pasalubong", but it could have been better if you were able to come home too so we could all be together...I miss you so much!


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