Jet Black=Witch

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Did some DIY thingy again, this time with my hair...i've done hair coloring, hair spa and all but this time I wasn't successful. I used hair treatment with color (i've 2 shades which I used to mix, and had no problems with it really), but not this time...waaaaahhhh I look like a "voodoo doll" (nope i'm not posting a picture, use your imagination...heh). So off I went to a drugstore to purchase some hair color, I opted for a black one, coz I was just too scared that if I get a lighter shade, nothing will happen and i'd still look like a voodoo doll.

Anyhoo, I applied the black color, shampooed my hair, put some hair treatment, rinsed, and blow dried. My son Josh was busy playing online games so he was clueless on what was going on. When he turned his back to ask something from me...all he said was "MOM, you look like a WITCH! Nobody is really used to seeing me sporting a jet black hair, and I myself feel that yeah, I can be part of the Adam's Family and indeed I look like a WITCH!


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