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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I was raised to believe that each household should have a sewing machine. My mom had one and it was really put to soooo much use. I remember during my wedding, I made all of my giveaways with the help of my mom's singer sewing machine...nothing like the picture above but the tradional one. I made facial tissue holders, I did it at nights(had a daytime job) while Mom did it in the mornings. I also remember my first encounter with a sewing machine and that was eons ago in elementary. I made my very first house dress followed by a jammie set. Yep I was able to manage and it was really quite fun doing it.

I have a lot of projects in mind since we are moving to our new house. Am planning to sew curtains, make some cushion cases, and even try to make a coronet for my daughter. And I thank the internet for free projects. Seems like my hands will be full this coming months and I'm looking forward to it. Wish me luck guys!

Forgive me for ranting yet again. I'm totally hurt and pissed off by this lady (a general's wife), a mom of our client today. She thinks she's big time that she can talk just like that. In the years that we have been in this business, this is the first time that we encountered such boastful lady and she thinks that she can get away with it just because she is the general's wife...we are making a letter to the couple just to let them know of their mother's disgusting behavior. I could have answered her right there, but I, professional as I am, gave considerations to the bride, so as not to ruin her special night. We could have walked out you know!


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