A Fun Saturday

Sunday, August 20, 2006

For Josh, this is his kind of fun...he spent about an hour enjoying his bubble bath...he's still a kid at heart really...with the funny faces, funny poses and all...

And for me and my daughter...oh well, it's a non-stop til you drop kind of pictorial...nah...it was only one shot followed by another and another to the nth power. Twas fun, but Ish never dared touch the tree coz according to her, there was "kapre" (a ghost or something)...we were again at UP, of course at our favorite spot. Oh no! my lil girl is growing up too fast, in fact she'll be a "teenager" in a few days. See? She is almost as tall as me, and can you see why she can ransack my closet anytime? She can't have the kid's price for buffet, airline tickets, etc. anymore.

N wouldn't want to be left behind...after his pre-nuptial shoot with one of our clients, he too had his share of fun...photography is his greatest passion and therapy...but this time he was in front of the camera, which rarely happens...Ish is the girl version of N...they're very much the same in sooooo many ways, not only do they look alike...


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