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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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I'm sharing this to those who have not come across it yet. This is actually for Fall Season, but what the heck, if it can make us pretty, then why not. As one book says, "There are no ugly women, just LAZY!" Come on, put out the kits and let's do it together.

Jewel toned-Eyelids - it's colorful smoky eye, so sweep on a single layer of soft gold from lashline to crease for day, blue or gem-like green on your lid and a slightly darker hue defining the crease at night.

I used to think that you can achieve the smoky eye effect when you sweep on either black or charcoal gray, was surprised that blue and green can be used too.

Rosy Cheeks - this year it’s all about the crimson hue. Getting red in the face is about to take on a whole new meaning, but go lightly to avoid the "clown face". Apply starting at the apples of your cheeks and blending just a bit up into your hairline.

Berry-Stained Lips - to wear darker lip colors, "staining" is the answer. Berry shades dabbed on the middle of your top and bottom lip and then simply blended out with a brush (or better yet, your fingertips), look dramatic without being overdone (and they won’t cancel out those smoky eyes). Hint — leave the ultra-shiny glosses behind.

I've always loved this shade, everytime I buy, I always play around with berry shades. But darn it, I just got myself an ultra-shiny lipgloss.

Bigger Brows - Growing Bold - Smoldering eyeliner, rich lips and cheeks in full bloom abound this season and eyebrows follow suit. They are less refined, less arched, and follow your natural growth line much more than in years past. Don’t shape them as much as tidy them up, and keep the arch subtle rather than sharp.

I use dark brown for my brows. Yay, so finally i'm in. I don't need to spend time getting the perfect shape, the perfect arch, and even if it's a lil darker, no need to worry, BOLD is in.

Smudged Liners - Go For Smoke - This is no time to stay on the straight and narrow, Defined eyes are the look. Use a soft, fat pencil to lay down the line, and a cotton swab to soften it up.

I've been using a liquid liner, so i guess I have to put it away for now, instead i can use an eye makeup specifically in dark colors to have a smudged liner look.

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This isn't included in the list but today, I got myself 12 medium sized velcro curlers. I so envy CUZ whenever I see her sporting curly hair. It's like she's having her hair done by a professional all the time. And her secret? hhhmmmm, those baterry sized velcro curlers. She wears them overnight, putting a little mousse or setting lotion, and when she wakes up, tada...beautiful parlor made hair. This is a very good alternative to curling irons, which could damage your hair due to the heat. If you can't stand sleeping with the curlers, you can use a hair dryer set on medium heat, aimed at the curlers.


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