Gourmet Meal

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It was only last Saturday that we finally got to use the table top griller we bought at Living Well. I prepared korean beef and chicken barbeque and some squid balls. It was like eating at TongYang but having to spend only a few bucks. Everyone enjoyed the meal especially my lil boy who can never thank me enough for the "gourmet dinner" that I have prepared for them. Yep, he used the term gourmet...hhhmmmm that's why I love preparing meals for my family, they usually appreciate everything I prepare for them, except sometimes for hubby who always have something to say, and I'd go like, yeah send me to culinary arts school (*roll eyes*) and go hhhmmmmpppp!


Yay! I'm a happy Momma, I've successfully terrorized my kids to eating one banana a day...I even had to send an email about the benefits of having a banana a day to my dear daughter, just to be able to convince her...didn't have problems with my lil boy though, he can eat anything, and i say anything.


I was really wondering how come my lil boy hasn't been bringing home a perfect score of 100 in his seatworks and quizzes. So I offered to pay him ten pesos for every 100 he brings home, and now im BROKE...


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