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Monday, October 02, 2006

Since the time I saw it's commercial on tv, it has never left my mind. But it took another 2 commercial models to convince me that indeed it can work miracles. Upon seeing the new commercial, I sent an sms to CUZ telling her that I'm now more convinced on buying it coz of Pie Calayan's flawless facial skin. I got disappointed again and on the verge of changing my mind when I got a reply from Cuz. "Pie Calayan has really beautiful skin, I don't think she got that from the product." But when I saw a friend last Saturday, and he showed me his face and said...hhhmmm...olay's total effects, I was again convinced that indeed this product can make wonders. So I sent another SMS to Cuz and told her that the product seems to work...I can really see the improvement. And guess what? I got all excited and bought the product first thing in the morning. I hope it holds true to it's promise of:

The power of 7 vitamins and minerals that fights 7 signs of aging.

Total Effects Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex has more power to fight 7 signs of aging. Infused with 7 vitamins and minerals - vitamin C, zinc, titanium, magnesium and VitaNiacin, an exclusive formulation of vitamin B3 (a niacin derivative), vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5.

Total Effects 7X Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex:

1. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Smoothes skin texture - visibly and to the touch.
3. Evens skin tone for younger looking, more balanced color.
4. Improves surface dullness, giving skin a radiant, healthy glow.
5. Minimizes the appearance of pores.
6. Visibly reduces the appearance of blotches and age spots.
7. Soothes dry skin, hydrating with Olay moisture.


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