Panic Mode

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pardon me if I haven't posted in quite a while, much as I want to, but you see I'm in a PANIC MODE! Since I learned that we will have a dance recital on the 3rd of December, doing my costumes take much of my time. Why not buy, or have one made by a pro you say...well I don't really wanna spend that much moolah, imagine 1 costume would cost you about P3,500 (roughly around $70), and we need 4, 1 for each dance routine. So what I did, I bought some materials in Divisoria...spent around P1,300 ($26) only. Then I looked for instructions in the internet on how to make a circle skirt, woohoo! I was able to do it! Remember I am a certified DIY Momma!

I have to double time too on this. I asked our helper to take it out of the storeroom, and put it upstairs near our bedroom.

I can't stop myself from eating chocolates, chips, anything I find in the house, thus, a bulging tummy.

Here's a preview of what we are going to wear in our upcoming Dance Recital. We were asked by our teacher to wear our costumes, put on some make-up, and smile a lot. Want to know the reason why? We will be featured on Channel 23 (I exactly don't know when) and had a photoshoot for some magazine.


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