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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I woke up extra early today to prepare the marinades for the food that I will be serving Cuz and her family for lunch. I was a bit excited and at the same time worried coz this is the first time I'm having guests at home. I am used to cooking only for the family. I decided to go "inihaw" (grilled), having porkchops, chicken inasal, and milkfish. I also included in the menu my signature korean dish which is beef bulgoki which we were supposed to cook in the dining table (but everyone was hungry so I decided to just cook it myself in the stove) and my Mom's famous(only among relatives) pancit molo. I haven't quite perfected this dish yet but i'm proud to say that i've come close (di ba Kuya Rey?) to Mom's version.

It was a fun filled afternoon, kids having their own things to do like watch dvd, play video games, surf the net. The boys had their own too, talking about guns, bikes, dogs, etc. Of course we had our own agenda too, talked about the costumes we will be wearing in our upcoming belly recital on the first week of December, I showed Cuz the materials I was able to buy in Divisoria, and we were able to practice one dance routine.

Time was short, we couldn't squeeze all the things we wanted to do, I guess that's how it always is when you are having fun, time rans fast. For photos, please click Cuz' latest entry here


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